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Niching Is a Strategy Not an Identity

We can almost all agree that niching is crucial in marketing and distinguishing your brand. While it’s important in sales to niche your business, it’s also important to frame yourself as adviser: someone who has the ability to pick from a variety of tools to solve a client’s problem.

Niching and advising seems to be two opposite things, which is confusing. Should I focus on having a wide knowledgebase or a specific skillset?

Personally, I think the answer to that question is to have a specific skillset and niche your abilities. But where I think many of us go wrong is that we get caught up in that niche, and we start to build, not only our business identities, but our personal identities in that niche.

As I niche, my business will become the video production house that produces lifestyle web commercials for tech gadgets, and I should promote myself as so. But I have to remember that this is my marketing strategy so I don’t get sucked into believing that this is all that I am, and become limited to this role.

This applies in the overall sense that we should be open to new projects and ventures. I’m not a web commercial director, I’m a creative, and I’m open to and confident about all creative projects.

What I’m Doing Now

On Ideas

From February to late March my life mostly consisted of being online all day everyday. I was making money with a method one of my friends recommended me and it was going well. I would say it was around 30 dollars an hours when you factor in how much flexibility and little effort was involved, even though I was technically online 12 hours a day, a lot of it was spent multi-tasking in between netflix and messing around. I could’ve cashed out with a lot more, but due to circumstances I didn’t. C’est la vie. Now that the method is gone, for the past couple of days I’ve been thinking about what to do, what to pursue as my next side-venture and I’m using this blog to outline my thinking process using tips I’ve learned from countless books and bloggers.

First some groundwork: What am I doing know? why? and what do I want to do? why?

1. I don’t really know why I go to college other than the fact that its costing me barely anything and having a degree could be good back up for teaching English abroad and getting into internships. I’ve posted before how I don’t really like college. Other than the social aspect and the occasional ambitious people you meet. The majority of people are kind of lost and just following the crowd. It reminds me of a line I read in Education of Millionaires where, while most of these people are in college they are creative, free and go-getters, but then when graduation comes around they settle into their business suits and take on an office job. I don’t want to be this person.

Yet at the same time I feel college is giving me borrowed time to act. At times I feel like I’m not completely utilizing time, but that has changed drastically in the past year and I am doing the things I want to do more than ever. In the end, unless I really make a lot of money or find an idea I am insanely passionate about and a way to pursue it without spending to much money, I will probably remain in college.

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