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My notes from Ramit Sethi's content on getting referrals:

A lot of the times when I’m out networking there aren’t many people who actually need my services. But this doesn’t mean I should give up, a lot of them can act as connectors.

So, after a good conversation use this script:

“I don’t need anything right now, but I just want to let you know that I am looking for a few new clients for my video production services and I’d love it if you introduced me if you think of anyone who’s a good fit”


“John, great talking to you. I’m always taking on new clients, so if you know anyone who needs video production, feel free to give them my contact. And let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help you too”

Those Who Do And Those Who Speak

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one who do and another who speak

We seem to like to talk about our dream because it's so comforting. It's comforting to talk more about it rather than actually doing it. Doing is hard and talking is easy, so we always choose the latter. We want to work less or average, and gain extraordinary results. That's not going to happen. Since we want excellent results we need to choose and work hard.

I view SETT as the result of hard work. I feel privileged and lucky to be able to use SETT, because this is a product of hard work created by someone who does work instead of just speaking about it. SETT wouldn't exist among us if it was just for talking and not doing or working.

Most people talk more and take less action. But there’s this another group of people who do more than they speak. They speak less or to the point and implement it in real life situation. This is the group which I strive for. I’ve been trying to train myself hard to be the member of this group. These people are the ones who make real difference. I now view talking as a pure waste of time - unless you're talking to the point. It’s because people keep talking about a business plan everyday and at the end, they do nothing. What’s the reason of talking about it in the first place if you are never going to work on it? Talking is as addictive and distracting as watching Television.

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