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Tactics is merely something you do

At the tactical level, you just find the content that you need and you implement the steps. If it’s a tactic you’re committed to, then you spend the money to get the content, but really there’s a lot of free content out there that you can use.

If you’re a beginner you’re mainly concerned with tactics, and you should, because when you’re a beginner you have no idea what to do. Tactics help you get started. You try different tactics and see what works and what doesn’t, and you start gaining skills and learning how to deploy those tactics quicker.

But once you move up from complete novice, you have to move toward strategic level thinking in order to be more effective. On a higher level, you become more experienced in knowing what tactics are more likely to work, you’ll have a peer group to affirm that strategy, and you’ll understand the market better.

This is a huge shift in thinking because no longer do you think, I’ll scour youtube and some blogs to find interesting marketing ideas to try this week. Leadpages has grown exponentially each quarter though one strategy: Paid advertising to their podcast – getting podcast guests and partnering with those guests as affiliates to webinars. That’s it. That’s a total of 2 main tactics (3 if you count ads, but ads aren’t their focus) which are podcasts and webinars.

That’s the same strategy we’ll be using at Fuzed. Will I care about marketing infographics or pinterest? No.

D-Day: DROdio-izing Day 1


I'm a big believer in the "Four Birds" philosophy of life - whenever possible, I want to kill four birds with one stone. I want to produce, consume, learn, and connect - all at the same time if possible. And the more I layer on top of that, the better. Can I enjoy, relax, recharge, adventure? Five birds? Six birds? Why not?

While other people are watching a movie passively, can I make a couple interesting notes from the dialog and research what it's inspired by? Can I show the link between a new movie and an old Kurosawa Akira movie? Can I publish that, creating a cool way for people who like cinema to learn, and to connect with people who like great cinema? Can I consume the movie, produce an insightful review and research, learn more about cinema and art, and connect with good people all at the same time? Can I enjoy the process, relax even while working, recharge and feel invigorated, and perhaps it'll lead to an adventure? Seven birds with one stone? Why not? We all get 24 hours per day, if I want to be doing massively important things, I can't be taking it one bird at a time.

I've been working on this lately. When I start consuming something great, how can I also produce something for my friends and colleagues, learn more in the process, and connect with great people?

I've been looking for these opportunities for a while, and I'm starting to see them everywhere. Today, I'm pleased to announce DROdio-izing Day 1.

I came across Daniel Odio a little more than a week ago on Hacker News. He comes across pretty brilliant to me - a rare mix of strategist/tactician/teacher. He's a technology entrepreneur who built high technology into an established business - real estate - before moving into development. When I found Odio's site, I was really impressed. But the article that really pushed me over the top was - "Why Henry Ford Would Love Blogs." I felt like - wow, this guy gets it. A grasp of history, high level strategy, an understanding of how and why to make decisions, and how to turn high level strategy into solid tactics. And he can communicate it clearly and teaches how to think that way. Wow.

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