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Handling Things

Yesterday while buying a handle of vodka, the vodka bottle pierced through the thin plastic bag.

I looked at the shop owner like ...the bag broke.

He looked back and condescendingly replied "oh yeah the bag broke? So it was the bags fault"

I hesitently nodded.

"Take another bottle and have a good night"

The First Run

On Linus Rylander

I started out feeling pretty good. I think I have pretty good form in terms of running technique.

But I always start out feeling good. It feels good to start running.

5 minutes later I am walking. Thinking to myself “Holy shit I am such a shitty runner.”

But not in a negative way. On paper a thought like that sounds like I was beating myself up. To me, in my head, it felt more like acknowledging reality. A statement of fact.

I then decided to start running every day so that I could be somewhat less shitty.

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