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Moving Up and Down the Value Chain

The consulting-niching paradigm is a concept I've been struggling with for a while. I came across some content by Ramit Sethi and he completely answers this for me.

Ramit has this concept called the value chain, and as you move up the value chain you deliver higher value to higher paying clients. Most of us want to move up the value chain simply because we should, and usually it is something we should do.

And to fully answer this question we have to understand the value chain, we have to understand our business, the industry, and where our goals are. Once we know that we can decide where we want to be.

For Ramit, he became one of the best at personal finance first. Then at that point he studied the value chain, and the skill ladder, he studied the top guys in the personal finance world and saw that there was a ceiling to developing that skill-set. So he had to very carefully decide where he wanted to move next. He could have gone onstage with Donald Trump, he could have recorded an infomercial that would have hundreds of thousands of dollars in recurring revenue, but he saw the bigger picture and decided that this wasn't his route.

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