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Learning to Sell: The Beginning

A few months ago I was talking to my friend Tony, a video producer.  He said his business was going well but he’s relying too much on his former company referring him business and has no idea how to generate business for himself.  Since I am interested in marketing and selling, I told him I would market his services for him with a 30% cut.  He agreed.

I started off as clueless as he was.  I knew that marketing required segmenting the population, and really zoning in on the target niche.  However, almost anyone with a product or service could benefit from video production.  My assumptions were that those who demanded video production services didn’t need much convincing, but I had no idea how to find these people.

I posted in Sebastian Marshall’s community section and someone commented that while he (the commenter) was working as a web developer, clients told him that they needed these services.  This gave me an idea.

I could target the middleman, the people whose clients may demand my services:  marketing agencies, graphic design agencies, and web development agencies.

Lucky for me, I had already located an example email script.  I pulled the email script from Ramit Sethi’s book, “Finding Your First Profitable Idea” and tweaked the wording. 

A Heartfelt Argument for Quitting Facebook

On Runner's Ravings

By Steven Chaffin, Jr.

This posted is dedicated to a great friend of mine named Valerie. She worked hard to convince me that I was making the wrong decision by deleting my Facebook account, and I appreciate the time she took to do that.

Less than twenty-four hours ago, I deactivated my Facebook account. I did this to the confusion of some close friends, surrounded by a world dependent and hopelessly addicted to it.

I was given reason after reason why I should keep the account, why I should stop “being irrational” and come back to my senses. Here are some popular reasons:

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