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My notes from Ramit Sethi's content on getting referrals:

A lot of the times when I’m out networking there aren’t many people who actually need my services. But this doesn’t mean I should give up, a lot of them can act as connectors.

So, after a good conversation use this script:

“I don’t need anything right now, but I just want to let you know that I am looking for a few new clients for my video production services and I’d love it if you introduced me if you think of anyone who’s a good fit”


“John, great talking to you. I’m always taking on new clients, so if you know anyone who needs video production, feel free to give them my contact. And let me know if there’s ever anything I can do to help you too”

On "Making Money Doing What You Love" + What I'd Do Starting From Scratch

On Linus Rylander

## Warning: This is a long post with some longer-than-usual paragraphs, and less headings than normally. This is to keep unserious people from reading. I know it looks like an intimidating read if you just glance down (DON'T!!) - but just start reading and you'll get there in a few minutes... Uh, so, anyway... If you really want to create an income online, you might find this interesting. After 5 (almost 6) years in the game, this is my perspective, and some thoughts on what I'd do if I were to start all over again.) ##

Out of all the people who want to make money doing what they love, they generally fall into two categories, and should strategize accordingly. No one-size-fits-all “follow your passion” biz plan.

The problem with the first category is that you need an entirely different skillset to make money than to perform in your existing field of expertise.

Being able to write a book or paint a portrait or sing a song, is not the same skillset as being able to sell a book, get someone to pay for a portrait or sell out a concert.

It’s an entirely different skillset. Business skills. Marketing skills.

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