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Networking: Part 5

During my last networking event that I was convinced that networking is lame and a complete waste of time. At the time, I was full of anticipated excitement from meeting people, but I would become deflated two weeks later when none of the people I met turned into sales.

Last weekend I went to Ontrapalooza and it was a ton of fun. I met so many entrepreneurs, and it was great to exchange ideas from them and it really – because they treat you as a peer – when you talk to them it opens you up to the idea that you can be one of them.

I asked one of my friends that I made during Ontrapalooza the previous year (2013), “Hey Thanh, you think they’re worth it? Going to conferences…”

“Yeah in the long term” he replied, “and if you can afford it”

I met Thanh a year ago and since then I would consider him a friend. Same with a few other people I’ve seen from events and conferences over time. And I think that’s where the value comes from, you don’t expect to get sales from a conference, but overtime you end up seeing the same people at conferences and making a lot of friends with top entrepreneurs.

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