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How I’m understanding the consulting paradigm.

I’ve written before about my confusion in understanding the balance between niching and consulting.

Okay a quick rundown of why they are so different:

Niching requires you focus specifically on one specialty.

Consulting requires you to learn a broad amount of skills.

I actually wrote in my journal:

Rewriting a Job Posting


Zachary Burt dropped me a line a few days ago and asked if I'd look at his posting for a cofounder. I said sure, and we worked on it a little bit.

This is normally the kind of thing I'd keep to private correspondence, but Zack told me to put to put it up if I'd like to. Maybe it's useful to learn from -

Here's the original, unedited version -

Headline: Badass technical business-savvy dude looking for fellow programmer and business partner to hack with all day.


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