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Seven Exposures and Bugging People

A lot of marketers give me the advice, “you need to get your product or service in front of people – you need to get in front of people”.

I’ve been told that a person generally won’t purchase, consume or really care about something until you’ve been exposed to it seven times. Now, I don’t really want to send a cold email to someone seven times bugging them to buy my product. Like, doesn’t that annoy them?

As I was thinking this, 2Chainz came on the radio and I remembered I used to hate 2Chainz when he first came out. I thought he was stupid, his name was stupid, and why does he have two long dreads when he looks like he’s about to start balding. But he’s just been played on the radio, and overtime I began to like his rap features and that song, “Fedz Watchin”, it slaps.

The same way I was exposed to 2Chainz music, I need to expose my product/service to others. Am I going to bug them ‘till they buy? No. But I’ll offer value any way I can and I’ll keep trying to start a dialogue with them. They might not respond or respond dully but I’ll continue it even if it’s a one-way dialogue.

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