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A Quick Tip for Conversations: If you want to talk about a specific topic

I find normal conversations pretty boring, its just that its the same getting-to-know-you fluff. I want to get straight to saying and talking about what’s interesting, however, this leads to breaking rapport and sometimes people will think you’re weird.

So an easy way to keep the conversation congruent and I don’t know why I never realized this, is to tell the person you’re conversing with of any anticipated breaks in rapport. Basically, tell them ahead of time if you’re going to act a little different from the norm.

Some examples:

Say you’re at a networking event. The question you answer most is “What do you do?”. Say your ideal answer is something elaborate like:

I help tech excutives that are focused on company growth fine tune their project management, and work with their UX/UI team to make their product more scalable.

The Five Year Battle With a Domain Squatter for Tynan.com

On Tynan

First off, let me say this: BOOM! I got Tynan.com! YES!!

Okay. So back when I was in high school, I had the idea that maybe this internet thing was going to work out, and I might want to own Tynan.com. I put www.networksolutions.com into trusty old Internet Explorer 3.0, searched for tynan.com, saw that the domain was available, and then balked at the $70 price for two years.

I'll just get it later, I thought.

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