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Never Miss Another Meeting Again

I used to never use a calendar or planner. I think it was because I felt trapped by committing myself to a certain date, and what if something really fun came up on that date. So I always made plans saying maybe and did things spontaneously. Soon, it felt like part of my personality, to never plan, and just take action on the whim.

But now, because of business, I have to use a calendar. I can’t miss a meeting. Missing a meeting is a horrible reflection of your reliability: the most important characteristic of a first impression.

Seems easy right? Google Calendar.

No. I have 4 email addresses each with their own calendar..and how do i manage a work calendar and a personal calendar.

It took me a day to build up the will power and learn to sync all of this. Actually, its pretty easy for personal accounts, you go to your calendar settings and set the permissions.

Internal Scorecard #2



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