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Project Management Productivity: Using Asana to track all your tasks

I've been using Trello for a long time to manage the tasks and operation of my video business. But since I have multiple projects going on, I wasn't really organizing my personal tasks, or my daily everyday tasks.

I've read before that pen and paper is the best way, and I've tried building a habit out of making a daily task list everyday. It works, but the problem was I wasn't doing it, and I had a a lot of recurring tasks that I didn't necessarily want to write out everyday. I looked into the phone apps stuff, but around the same time I learned Asana from my friend Arielle Hale, who is an operations expert.

This program is so good for looking at an overview of all your tasks for multiple projects. I can create recurring tasks and set them up for myself and organize by client. Check out the video.


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