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Proving Your Friends Wrong Is Not Satisfying

When you act in any kind of non-conforming way, you tend to get a lot of skepticism and doubt from your friends. When I tell my friends about the path I want to choose, or that I believe in doing things a certain way (entrepreneurship, one-set workouts, bulletproof diet, bitcoin, conferences, going nomadic, credit card game) and they tell me that its risky, illogical, arrogant. Given my context and research, i know I'm right, and all I want to do is to prove them wrong.

One day I’ll show them, I think to myself, One day they’ll get that I was right all along. Unfortunately, in most cases, proving my friends wrong is almost always disappointing. I put in all this effort and energy…emotion and when I finally build up a case to bring to my friend, what do I get? Sometimes denial, “Oh what? I never said that”. As I press on they deny a little less, “I said that yeah, but what I meant was actually…"

Sometimes I get deflection; my friend will just change the subject of the conversation, or they’ll get really tired all of a sudden are no longer able to pay attention.

Surprisingly, I do get the answer I'm looking for quite often. But even when I finally get to hear, “Yeah Lawrence, you were right man, I shouldn’t have doubted you”, its not satisfying. I'm not going to try to make it more satisfying either by gloating in their face, so I just accept their reply and continue the conversation. And in that moment I feel that there should be something more, because a simple admittance does not make up for the years of sweat and tears I poured in to trying to prove them wrong.

And you should keep that in mind while you grind too. There’s plenty of good reasons to work hard and pound through, but if proving your friends wrong is the main reason, you’ll be left feeling empty at the end.

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