Lawrence He:
Campaign Strategist & Program Manager


My career has revolved around developing marketing materials or running sound project management operations.

This site will be a place for me to house my thoughts around this work, and to showcase ancillary things I've done outside my main career, while freelancing.

To get a direct purview into my work experience, you can contact me for a copy of my resume.


Seeing the matrix

Strategy is the deployment of tactics operating under a princicle...

I think the brilliance that comes from having a piece of information like this is in how formulaic it is. Because it’s formulaic, you can take the same variables and apply it to any other subject:

Thoughts on: ideas turning out to be wrong / being wrong

I've found that one of the best ways to be less wrong overtime is to do an analysis of why an idea wasn't successful. It can be overwhelming to try to dig into analysis, but I've found that being wrong usually came from a few different reasons. These five reasons usually relate to business/marketing but can be applied to other ideas you develop or want to execute.